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Loved this video showing all my friends getting beat down. Everybody takes a turn at this level of whitewater. If you aren't willing to take a beating, you shouldn't be out there.
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Downward facing dog aka Adho Mukha Svasana. Re-invigorates the person who has settled into a slouch. Enlivens the gaze. Practice for at least five minutes after 4 hours of sitting. Ok to play with it, go into Wild Thing or whatever variation makes you happy. Try getting around on all fours--feet and hands, no knees. The dog knows how. The heart is the center for this asana.
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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Tests have poor validity, as there is a false positive rate of 53-92%. So if someone does this test on you and you have a positive result (usually a + is elicited pain/numbness/tingling or loss of a pulse), it doesn't mean anything for sure. Positive tests should be "assessed cautiously".
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I'm not going to rewrite the whole case, but I will summarize it here, then answer the questions. 38 yo male moves heavy stuff and wakes up one morning with a kink in his neck. It gets worse, with cramping, burning pain in his neck and shoulders. He can't sleep, and goes everywhere with his arm over his head (Bakody's sign) because that's the only position in which he gets relief from the pain. A day later he goes to the urgent care center and they prescribe narcotic pain meds and muscle relaxers, but the pt won't take them because he's a recovering addict. They don't take any xrays.
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Shakti wakes me up at first light, and that is very early this time of year. She's high energy and wants to play--which in effect means that she tears things up and crawls where she doesn't belong. For example, she will go into the refrigerator if I open it. I must be careful not to forget her. If I get rattle a plastic shopping bag, she goes wild. When I put one where she can get to it, she crawls straight inside and lays down. I pick her up and twirl her in it. She loves it. She fights and plays with the bag until her paws are sticking out of it. She plays with electrical cords until everything is unplugged. And she finds rapture when she hears the buzz of a hummingbird outside the window, and goes to catch it. So far she hasn't caught any hummingbirds, but she catches the other birds by hanging out under the bird bath table.

There is a plague of grasshoppers who have devoured half of my plants. The mint, which just a few weeks ago was blooming glorious purple outside my window, has been chowed down to a few brown sticks. The grasshoppers come in the window and lurk in my apartment. One time they found some flowers on my bedside table and ate the whole boquet while I was at work. I have become efficient at catching them and throwing them back out the window. I used to capture them under a glass but now I just grab them in my fist. They have strong legs. The kitten likes to play with them, and eats them, all but the legs.
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