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It's a free, online, educational event about how to interpret and act on your own genotypes.  There will be some fascinating lectures here, and some very basic ones.  I definitely want to hear the one about ketogenic diet.  You can sign up here.

EDIT: I did listen to one lecture per day, or at least part of each one.  Genetics and Epigenetics since it became a thing have been an interest of mine.  The programs were oriented at the general public, and I garnered no new information.  I was hoping that it would go a little deeper and nerdier for me.  Would be very useful for folks who are just getting introduced to the significance of modern science with regard to their genetic makeup and health.  Lots of correlates.  Very interesting.

The funny thing is that the clinicians all say the same thing, that your SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) for the most part won't do you harm if you keep your general level of physical health strong.  There's a lot of redundancy build into human genetics and systems.  If someone forgets to cross a T somewhere in your genetics, you'll probably be fine, long as you don't wear yourself to a frazzle, skip sleep, and consider trips to the refrigerator to be adequate exercise.

QotD: Meat

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:34 am
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If God had not intended for us to eat animals,
how come He made them out of meat?
--found attributed to Sarah Palin but have been informed that John Cleese said it before she did.....
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Bring carbs
Eat protein.

Dr Paul brings ribs from a restaurant.  He's in his 90's and doesn't mind spending his money on food for others.  He's a retired physician, orthopedic surgeon to be specific.  His sons are all in medicine too, some clinical and some research.  He gave me the Mayo clinic book on Alternative Medicine.  They basically have a stoplight rating system for all things alternative, and the majority of treatments get the yellow light based on the science that they found.  I appreciate it pretty much.  They don't damn naturopathic medicine, it gets yellow also.  There are good and bad parts.  I wish they'd do the same approach for conventional medicines.  People might be shocked how weak the evidence is for some of them.  The degree to which pharmaceutical businesses drive the FDA and the delivery of medicine is apalling.  I love it every time I read of another review that shows reasonable conventional doctors understand that some of the uses of pharmaceuticals are unsubstantiated and may do more harm than good.
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Notes on an online lecture by David Perlmutter MD on the effects of grains in the diet on brain function... his book on the same subject is just out.
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If Americans snacked only occasionally, and in small amounts, this would not present the enormous problem that it does. But because so much money and effort has been invested over decades in engineering and then relentlessly selling these products, the effects are seemingly impossible to unwind. More than 30 years have passed since Robert Lin first tangled with Frito-Lay on the imperative of the company to deal with the formulation of its snacks, but as we sat at his dining-room table, sifting through his records, the feelings of regret still played on his face. In his view, three decades had been lost, time that he and a lot of other smart scientists could have spent searching for ways to ease the addiction to salt, sugar and fat. “I couldn’t do much about it,” he told me. “I feel so sorry for the public.”

NY Times article on the science behind Addictive Food. For sure, the objective is profits, not health.
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**eat less rice
**vary rice products with other grains
**eat a varied diet and don't fret
**rinse before cooking
**cook differently: boil in excess water and then strain (removes 30% of inorganic)
**limit cereals to one serving/day esp for babies
**avoid baby formula containing domestic rice
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A study showed that engaged women want to lose on average 20 pounds to look great on the big day. A doc in Florida is offering the Ketogenic Enteral Diet (K-E diet) for ladies wishing to slim down before their nuptials. The diet lasts 10 days, costs $1.5K, and causes approximately a 10lb weight loss. The ketosis is monitored using ketostix which are widely available for diabetics. The dieting ladies are permitted nothing caloric by mouth. Great idea? Not so fast. It's not that hard to eat a calorie-restricted ketogenic diet without paying $1.5K and having a tube up your nose. Think about it.

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Great Mercola article here on identifying which of the weeds in your back yard are EDIBLE for making salads or green smoothies.
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People who drink diet sodas have 44% more heart attacks and strokes than those who don't. Pretty good sample size in this new study: N = 2564, 36% men, mean age 69 ± 10, 20% white, 23% black, 53% Hispanic. Done in Manhattan. They controlled for all the other stuff that (we know) influences CV events (age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption, BMI, daily calories, consumption of protein, carbohydrates, total fat, saturated fat, and sodium).

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Bottom line: "real" salt (ie from the earth or sea) contains oodles of minerals that support heatlh. Eating this salt is beneficial to health. Eating processed NaCl with added iodine is not as beneficial, but it still supports adrenal function and fluid balance. Ceasing sodium consumption can be destructive to your health. Don't listen too carefully to the FDA, whatever you do.
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In 2007-8 the mean daily intake of sodium was measured at 3266mg based on a N of 7227. We're supposed to limit it to 2300mg or less, barring health conditions like HTN which would suggest a limit more like 1500mg. Ten foods provided 44% of the salt: bread, cold cuts and cured meats, pizza, poultry, soups, sandwiches, cheese, pasta mixed dishes, meat mixed dishes, and savory snacks. Store-bought foods provided over 70% of the sodium consumed.

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According to Mercola the coating that's found these days on romaine lettuce is intentionally applied to increase shelf life, and it is supposed to be edible. That remains to be seen. Apparently it's on some organic lettuce as well.
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W wants to try sushi in spite of two bad experiences with food poisoning due to fish. Perhaps he does not know the can of worms he is cracking open. I can't get enough sushi once I get started. I'll introduce him gently tonight with a California roll or somesuch. =-]
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A yoga video of a beauty practicing in lingerie went viral...and a lot of people got their panties in a wad. This article is written by her teacher, and includes a brief interview with the yogini in question. She has a beautiful strong handstanding practice, and a history of an eating disorder.
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