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What's distinctive about Sanders is not (or not simply) that he's an ideological purist who refuses to think pragmatically but that he just doesn't know or care very much about the details of how the world works, how to affect concrete change, and what the possible unintended consequences of major changes is likely to be. He'd rather rally the troops and give a rousing speech.
--Damon Linker in the Week, here:

I share this quote because I disagree.  I think that Bernie sees the writing on the wall, that this crash will either happen sooner and in an intentional way, or later in an even more devastating way.  Take apart the banks, or watch them take us apart.  Re-establish human decency or take care of just yourself.  This crossroads leads one way, the other way is inconceivable.  You just can't change directions when there is so much momentum.  Not without a crash.  Bernie knows that many people will die in the process, that poor people will loose the game, and that over generations rich people will be able to relocate to wherever they need to go to survive and propagate.  Idiocracy will come to pass if tRump is any indication of wealthy breeding.

I thought since the beginning that this polarity between tRump and Bernie is representative of the deepest cultural fissure in this nation.  It has been fascinating to watch it play out.

To assert that Bernie doesn't know how the world works is a pretty low blow.  He knows.  His heart broke a long time ago.  Now he's trying to do something to change it.  I appreciate his efforts and I wish that he'd team up with my old buddy Ron Paul (he's not too old) and connect the political circle.  If anybody knows what's going on, it's these old dudes.

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This article says what I have been noticing.....but not saying. Young Rand has not yet hung his hat on any particular values, he is simply playing the political game. That doesn't mean there is no hope for him. There is hope. One can develop integrity in the course of life. But he is not yet the statesman that his father is, and he has no guarantee of getting votes from the principled voters that have supported Ron Paul all these long years.
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Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies
--Ron Paul
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The use of combat drones overseas divides Congress, but not in the usual partisan way.

Supporters of the “war on terror” in both parties tend to support the use of unmanned aircraft that often try to assassinate terrorism suspects. But libertarian Republicans have teamed up with civil liberties-backing Democrats to oppose the drones.

Now, the partisan trenches have been crossed by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D – Ohio, and Rep. Ron Paul, R – Texas, in order to force the administration to release its legal justification.

The two mavericks who are leaving Congress at year’s end have introduced a resolution of inquiry — legislation that is used to compel specific documents from the administration, and must be considered by the committee of jurisdiction, or on the House floor, within 14 legislative days.

Since the legislation was introduced on November 28, it could come before the House this year, which means that the administration will be forced to turn over the legal justification it uses for the strikes, including any memos from the Office of Legal Counsel.

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He's retiring from congress at age 77, and going on a speaking tour. He has signed on with the Greater Talent Network to book his speaking schedule. Should be interesting to see what this senior statesman does in his retirement from congress. He's not done yet.
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"I think it has the potential to be quite explosive," Potholm says. "I don't think the Ron Paul people are particularly interested in whether Obama is defeated or not. I think that's long passed as their number one objective."

The way I see it, the Republican party has lost all credibility and is ripe for takeover. And the Ron Paul people are more interested in resurrecting a fiscally conservative party (from the fascist ashes) than they are in ousting Obama. And Obama is more ready for that revolution than Romney is.
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A friend of mine, knowing that I appreciate Ron Paul, sent me this link. Then I looked into it, and realize that I know and like the author. I'm not going to address his reasons, but if you care to tackle any of them, I'd welcome the comments. What I notice from a cursory scan is the usual liberal bias.... It seems to me that liberals, being as educated as they are, would be better able to grasp how the majority of humans are conservative in temperament, and to admit how that plays out in society. The human foundation of conservatism has to do with our evolution, whether we happen to believe in it or not.
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Vote for the man who promises least;
he'll be the least disappointing.

--Bernard Barush, Biznessman
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Nobody expects him to win. Not even him. It would be quite a shock, after this many attempts. Ron Paul realizes that he's not really campaigning for himself to be president, but rather for an alternative view of how government works and what it should do. For a movement, and a revolution. For an alternative view of how society works, and what it means to be human. I am thrilled for him because he got the youth vote in Iowa today. The new voters came out for him. Probably because of that Big Dog ad, in combination with Dr Paul's willingness to legalize pot. Strange bedfellows indeed. Societies shift according to the ley lines of the culture.

It's pretty amusing to hear the rest of the candidates talk mainly about defeating Barack Obama. I would and will vote against all of them in favor of Barack Obama. Newt makes me wish desperately for a moral atheist candidate. The others I can't even remember. I wish for Palin. She'd at least make big enough gaffes to make me spit out my food.

Don't worry, I'll turn off the radio, soon. I have to say I really do enjoy hearing the candidates speaking to their own people at these events. I learn a lot more than I do from statements that have been honed for the mainstream news.

We're all Austrians now.
--Ron Paul

(Austrians = opposite of Keynesians. This quote of course taken radically out of context, he is speaking of some time in the future when Keynesian economics is no longer broadly accepted and applied in America.)
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This ad makes light of gigantic changes--but presents them as something that CAN be done, which is why it will really shake things up. Because the bottom line is that the rest of them won't even TALK about such tremendous change. It's too frightening. By making an ad that is cartoonish and humorous, the RP campaign is re-introducing ideas that have been taboo up to now, and still are taboo to a large segment of the population. But that segment is embattled, and it takes outrageousness to cause a sea change. I remain fascinated and impressed with the man, in spite of his age and the media's disrespect. This will be his last presidential attempt, I believe.
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Are you American? Or a United States citizen, more specifically? Have you ever written a real paper letter to your representative in Congress? Or to a Senator? If yes, what fired you up enough to get you to write? How long ago was it? Do you ever go publicly protest, and hold a sign? Been out recently? Do you fill out petitions online? Do you vote? Where do you draw the line in your efforts to influence the course of this nation?

It appears to me that most of us do very little. I fill out a few petitions, and send a little bit of money sometimes, and put some effort into researching my votes, but that's about it. I haven't been putting any real energy into the project. I feel like congress should take care of this stuff for me, that I'm no expert and somebody more expert than me should be making the decisions. I don't really want to OWN my part in a democracy because it's a whole lot of work. But as our nation suffers increasing challenges, people are noticing, and activism seems to be on the rise. I was heartened when I heard support for Audit the Fed on an Occupy youtube video. The new activism is less party oriented than at any time in my political consciousness. There is a chance that we might be able to get something done.
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...Maybe he shouldn't be such a fine upstanding citizen. Or maybe we should just start accusing him of ridiculous stuff. Scandals are great for getting media exposure. Our buddy Dr Paul is so consistent and ethical and reasonable that he's... boring. I think boring would be a great improvement over the tooth gritting drama that is currently our political reality. I wish people wouldn't write him off so quickly based on dismissive (and often false) propaganda. The media machine manipulates the mass mind too easily.
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Perhaps the reason that his father, Ron Paul, has been successful in congress longterm, is because he has not gone out on the anti-environmental limb. It's a particularly shaky limb. Rand's recent introduction of a bill that would eliminate the inter-state control of air quality by the FDA is running up against the Sierra Club and others. The kid's a rookie, and is going to learn the hard way that the far right agenda has some true weaknesses, not the least of which is an inattention to our quality of life as manifested by our environment.
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And I disagreed with him then. He was spouting off then about how there should not be a religious litmus test for presidents. My response: I will not vote for anyone who takes on "faith" things that are insane to me. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with common sense. I also won't automatically do whatever somebody says I "should", being fundamentally skeptical and rebellious (like a good American). Romney doesn't rate a tag. I sure hope he never gets elected president, and he's the only intelligent one out of the whole pack of media-covered Republican candidates. Wish the media would cover Ron Paul... well I guess they do, just not as much as I would like. He just took in over $3 million buckaroos in small donations in the last 5 days. So I guess I'm not the only fan.


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