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After the recent series of earthquakes around the world, and a news article I read interviewing a Portland City employee about what will happen here when the fault pops loose. It's the same fault that San Fransisco sits on. He thinks the big one will happen here within a century. It could be tomorrow. I am not ready. When I mention it to others, no one seems willing to think about it. But why not be prepared? We here live on a giant fault, and this city would be paralyzed by a quake because the city is split in half by a river. There are eight bridges in the city. Probably half of them would fall down, or be severely damaged. Water lines would break. Lawlessness would ensue. Even here. But we like to think that we are so civilized that nothing bad would happen. I do think that Portland, of all cities, would probably be one of the best to be in when the shit hits.

This is a bit of general advice I gleaned from living through the utter anarchy that followed the earthquake, in no particular order. I write this in the hopes that it helps someone someday.
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In 1992 I traveled to Chile for the winter, to explore the kayaking down there. The others in my group were guides too. We drove to Miami and flew on Ladeco airline to Santiago, then took a bus to a campground up on the Maipo River. We camped there for a week, then bussed back down into Santiago to rent a vehicle. After we had our truck, we started paddling. The image above is the Rio Maipo at a normal/reasonable water level. It had probably eight times that flow when we were there. The bridges were in danger of getting torn down.
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