Dec. 24th, 2010

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Texas and the Republicans are dead set against requiring utilities to generate x power per y emissions, but it sounds like a good idea to me. I'd like to breathe good air, please. I don't want anyone else in my family to become asthmatic because of coal burning in their region. And as for global warming, well, it's not easy to pin down and it's hard for me to get as excited about it as some people do. I do think our climate is changing and that we have increased the rate of change by our burning of fossil fuels. I am not sure that we can change that rate of change now that it has been initiated. But I'm diverging from the subject, which is that the Obama administration, specifically the EPA, is moving forward to enforce the Clean Air Act after Congress has failed to take any action on the issue. They've begun to take on specific state officials in the state of Texas who refuse to enforce federal laws.

I am going to begin to make posts in defense of Obama. Somebody needs to.
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Neuroplasticity wanes with age. It gets harder to learn. It gets harder to unlearn. It gets easier to do the same thing you have done the whole time and to expect the same response. This process gets more and more concentrated until suddenly you are demented. You don't know that it's 2010, almost 2011, suddenly you're stuck in 1984. Suddenly everyone is your honey, or your special version of the boogey man, and you can't imagine anything other than the 100 stories that are still active in your mind. When somebody reminds you of something, you are off to the races, galloping down memory lane. The right turn or left split or U-turn spot are not seen, only that familiar story with all its referents. Santa clause playing bagpipe riding a unicycle is not even there.
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