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Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:34 am
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If God had not intended for us to eat animals,
how come He made them out of meat?
--found attributed to Sarah Palin but have been informed that John Cleese said it before she did.....
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A new study has verified what we already knew. The mechanism is unclear but the association is strong.
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I heard it in nutrition class. Then again on the Buddhist group. Apparently the Buddha ate meat too. I looked up the Dalai Lama's meat habit and discovered that it's old news. He has been eating meat on and off for a very long time. Tibetan Buddhists apparently would rather not talk about it. It seems there is some embarrassment that their holy leader doesn't follow the entire doctrine. To some of them it is wrong to eat meat, that it is contradictory with the teaching of compassion for all living beings.
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What do you suspect if your patient chronically has canker sores in her mouth?
gluten enteropathy

What is the biggest difference between modern human diets and that of paleolithic humans?
we eat more grass family foods now
(wheat, corn, barley, oats, rice, ie: grains, agriculture)

What is the natural expiration age for humans?
somewhere between 110 and 120 years of age

What are the top five causes of death in the US?
CV dz, CA, medical care, DM, stroke
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2009 Annual Review of Clinical Nutrition

This was a great presentation on new research in nutrition. If you missed the lecture, don't miss your next chance to hear this man! Even with a cold, Dr Greger delivers an entertaining and highly educational lecture. Kudos to Dr Marz for getting him here to speak to us.
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This is a true story of a military man who grew breasts and went to four doctors before someone figured out that his soymilk habit was the problem. A case report on his condition was published in the May/June 2008 issue Endocrine Practice. The article also addresses the popular conception that soy is "healthy", and the fact that soy products are used in infant formulas--to the detriment of the developing children.
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If LOW RBC, Hgb, or Hct
Then evaluate MCV & MCHC to determine if anemia is:
-microcytic hypochromic (MCV < 82 fL, MCHC < 30 g/dL)
Iron deficiency anemia
Sideroblastic anemia
Anemia of chronic disease (some cases)
Pyridoxine Responsive anemia (B6 deficiency)
Chronic blood loss
Lead poisoning
-normocytic normochromic (MCV 82-97 fL, MCHC 32-36 g/dL)
Acute blood loss
Early stage Iron deficiency anemia
Hemolytic anemia from any cause
Anemia of Chronic Disease (ACD)
Hereditary spherocytosis – osmotic fragility test
Aplastic Anemia
-macrocytic (MCV > 97 fL) (remember theoretical upper limit of 37 g/dL for MCHC)
B12 deficiency
Folate deficiency
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Cancer chemotherapy
Alcohol abuse
Liver disease
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The Herb Fest was good. I met some really cool people. I found the ND population to be more cliquish than the rest, so I wandered among the botanists and MD's, herbalists and nutritionists, asking everyone their opinions about the lectures. I got a great many opinions and came to a grasp of what people believe in these days...like for example, I would hazard a guess that maybe half of the people at the herb fest believe in past lives. Maybe more. They believe in reincarnation and that your current life is a product of what you did in past lives. Do you? If you do, I'd love to hear the story. I confess: I'm a skeptic. As I've said before I don't "believe" in reincarnation...though it is widely accepted among the alternative healing community.
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Perhaps he was tormented by flatulence as this author suggests:
I suppose it would take a sick man to do what he did.

Also, on Hitler's diet---I wouldn't have expected him to be a vegetarian, but apparently there is discussion of this question in some circles:


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