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"Times are difficult globally;
awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal.
It’s becoming critical.
We don’t need to add more depression,
more discouragement,
or more anger to what’s already here.
It’s becoming essential that we learn
how to relate sanely with difficult times.
The earth seems to be beseeching us
to connect with joy
and discover our innermost essence.
This is the best way
that we can benefit others."
~ Pema Chodron
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I'm not big on Astrology. If you want to worry about the position of the planets when you decide who to flirt with or when to buy a car, feel free, but don't expect me to take it seriously or put my well being in it and don't get pissed when I don't take it seriously.
--[ profile] grail76
in this great post about Grail's Rule.
(Never date anyone significantly crazier than yourself).
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And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.

--Friedrich Nietzsche
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--Edward Abbey
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Here's a wonderful paragraph from this entry by [ profile] typing_sound, describing what I interpret as a moment of pure awareness, a moment of what can be called enlightenment. I think that some of us have lots of them, and some have a few, and some haven't had one yet. I suppose, I imagine, that to be enlightened would be ease in staying in such a state of consciousness longterm. But anyway, here's what Robert wrote:

I think I dreamt that because I helped this drunk guy, earlier on that evening, and I guess I felt like an angel in a way. My mind was silent and had some kindness in it. You ever helped someone, or really listened to someone, and your own mind has gone silent? It's like you disappear and they become the centre of the universe instead. That's where peace is, when you really receive the universe, or whatever's happening in the present moment, you really receive it, let it in, really agreeing to this moment, feeling yes, okay, come on in, you can enter and share whatever I have, you can have my time and my attention, the door of my heart is open to you, come on in, this is fine, this is okay, I don't need to change this, this moment is the only moment, this is reality right now, I am actually alive right now, I am here, I exist in this very moment. You get the idea. ;D
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Here's his manifesto. Sounds pretty familiar. He was a good writer. He wants to wake up Americans. Maybe if enough people read this, they will realize that we the people are in similar situations for similar reasons. A little suicidality is certainly not out of the question when times are so hard for people. I heard the feds took down the original post so I was happy to find that it is out there. For posterity, here is Joe Stack's manifesto, text from link above. )
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SIDS = Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is a "wastebasket diagnosis" for any infant death not pegged to some other cause. Based on this study we can say that many cases of SIDS are due to parental discombobulation. You know what discombobulation is, right?
risks of sudden death much higher for babies of parents who have been hospitalized for any psychiatric reason, and when parents abuse alcohol or drugs )
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Mentally Ill Offenders Strain Juvenile System
As cash-starved states slash mental health programs in communities and schools, they are increasingly relying on the juvenile corrections system to handle a generation of young offenders with psychiatric disorders. About two-thirds of the nation’s juvenile inmates — who numbered 92,854 in 2006, down from 107,000 in 1999 — have at least one mental illness, according to surveys of youth prisons, and are more in need of therapy than punishment.
notes )
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A young man name of Tyler Bradt made the run: a 180 footer in Washington state. He did it on April 21st, and the video isn't out yet. If you are curious, or have an opinion about the sanity of a person who attempts (and succeeds at) such an endeavor, they are interested in your vote and comments here.
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Here I am eating my eggs and grits, and Suzanne is reading the headlines to me. Mexico drug wars: five human heads in a cooler. Germany: man in military garb opens fire at secondary school. The leading line in that story was that it looked like something that would happen in America. Alabama: 27 year old man with an Irish last name kills his whole family plus a few. The only survivor was 4 months old. If the news is right. Every source has a slightly different story.

Grits and garlic still taste good. I'm comfortable in my large apartment just blocks from the homeless hangout by the tracks. But the insanity is at our door. The desperation is building. I wonder about the Alabama man. Why kill one's entire family? That angry? Or could it have been in part a mercy killing? The news says that he was a mild mannered nice fellow. Being nice on the surface does not mean a person is happy on the inside. Times are hard and getting harder. More people are going to loose it. Drugs will be increasingly valuable. And porn. I read last night that one of the few markets that is showing great gains is the "adult entertainment" sector. This is just the end of the beginning.
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Well I never thought I would live to report it, but today we had our second significant snowfall of the winter. This afternoon I was able to go cross country skiing in the streets of Portland. I covered our entire neighborhood. There was about 3" on the ground when I went, not quite enough to cover curbs but otherwise enough to ski freely in the street, sidewalks or grassy areas. There were quite a few other people out on XC skis, and in the park there were at least 100 people sliding down the hill on everything from plastic discs to cardboard boxes. I sat on a bench and watched for a while, laughing at the wrecks. Most people ignored me and the boys who wrecked the most spectacularly seemed embarrassed that I was laughing at them. I thought they did it to make a show.
more )
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New research has shown that kids who have high IQ's at the age of 10 are more likely to be alcohol dependent at age 30. The effect is stronger in women than among men. In young girls, 15 more IQ points adds up to a 38% increased risk of alcoholism. Boys with 15 more smart points only have a 17% higher risk of being a boozer. This is not what the scientists expected. That is why science is done: to find out, not to prove your assumptions. Clarification for those who misread the title behind the cut: the 1970 British cohort study is of children who were BORN in 1970; this is new science based on an old foundation.
smart kids more likely to become alcoholics )
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Kitten is racing around the livingroom, batting bits of dirt on the slippery almost-wood floor. The lesbian neighbors are getting their yard done. Every week those guys are here trimming and mowing and making the place look like fantasyland. "Cierren la puerta" one of them yells, after the lady yells at him to close the gate, her dog might run away. I would run away too. I did run away. I was going to sunbathe up on the roof but her harsh voice and their mowing was incentive enough to come back inside and braindump instead.
braindump )
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This is the first of my (extensive) Summer Reading project. It is written by Karen Armstrong. I started it yesterday afternoon, and am already 1/3 of the way through it. In it Karen tells the story of her 7 years in a Catholic convent and the aftermath of that experience. When she attempted to integrate back into the regular world, she became mentally ill, and was unable to find real help. She was studying English literature at Oxford, and could still function as an academic, writing beautiful "Gothic" essays. But she had lost the ability to connect to other people, to love or accept love. She is a beautiful writer, nonjudgmental and straightforward about what happened to her, and how she has come to understand it. Her retrospect is quite clear, though she constantly refers to another book that she wrote prematurely, attempting to explain her experience. She says it was the "worst book I have ever written" and she is glad it is out of print. I am learning to understand Catholicism and its effects on culture at a new level.

I picked this book up first because Joe just recommended it the other night. Renee had recommended the same book, probably years ago by now, and I acquired it at Bookman's in Flagstaff, and have been carrying it around. That's how I am with books.


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