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I have often said "it's a free will universe" as a basis for extolling choice as a power, whether conscious or unconscious, for determining your experience. To "choice" I always connect the concept of responsibility. Responsibility always follows immediately upon choice. Those who tremble before this power of choice may even habitually refuse to make choices, unwilling to take on the responsibility that choice of necessity implies. This is a choice in itself, a pattern of omission and passivity with it's own distinct effects and power to manipulate. All this having been said, what if in fact it's not "a free will universe" after all? The concept of "predestination" also has a long history in philosophical and religious thought and stands as a counterpoint to "free will" with it's own ardent supporters. When I look at an average day, things happen and I respond. Needs arise and I must act. My breath and heartbeat and peristalsis are events occurring to me, gifts freely given from what great source I cannot truly fathom. I won't pretend to resolve here a millennia-long question. And in the face of it, perhaps, at the very least, we might choose with lighter hearts, and enjoy the uncertainty knowing that our every action is effected upon waves of permission from powers greater than our own.
--Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy
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Here are the 5 skills that set serial entrepreneurs apart from everyone else.  Based on these one can predict with 90% accuracy who will become a serial entrepreneur:

1) Persuasion (get others to say yes)

2) Leadership (get others do do stuff)

3) Personal accountability (takes charge and takes responsibility)

4) Goal orientation (works toward something specific)

5) Interpersonal skills (can connect enough to do the other ones)

Of course those who succeed are different from others in the speed with which they implement new decisions.


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I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
--Robert A. Heinlein

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notes from November OFJ lecture by Jacqueline J West, PhD
The Shadows and Gifts of American Narcissism
Friday 11/12/10 organized via
also some notes on Narcissism taken from a variety of sources
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This canine is impressively habituated to whitewater river running. I've had one river dawg myself, and I've run a few rivers with other people's river dawgs, but I've never seen anything quite like this. The dog swims downstream through some pretty good whitewater, and when it comes to a shallow drop it lands on the rocks that form the drop, then jumps off the downstream side back into the current. There's an outrage brewing about it in the local canoe club, but frankly I think that the responsible dog owner is probably giving his dog a better life than the average locked-indoors alone all day dog.
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Resiliency is a trait all leaders share
The ability to respond effectively in times of upheaval requires honesty, courage.
By Dr. William Sparks in Charlotte Observer | Sunday, Mar. 14, 2010
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Here's a retrospective study supporting my theory that zinc doesn't damage your sense of smell unless you snort the gel back into the olfactory-receptor-laden part of your nasal mucosa. I plan to keep using it, if needed, to head off a cold. I have several tubes. The NY Times reported that you can return it to the manufacturer for a refund. I'll be interested to see if any of the anosmic people will attempt to sue the company. If they had followed the instructions they would not have had trouble, but can you hold the customer accountable for reading the instructions? There was no warning on the package about this particular hazard.

All patients diagnosed with zinc-induced anosmia or hyposmia reported sniffing deeply when applying the gel. This was followed by an immediate sensation of burning lasting minutes to hours. Loss of sense of smell was then perceived within 48 hours.
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Last week I read that a man (LaPointe, 430 lbs), was released from jail because they did not have facilities large enough for him to sleep in, or sit at a table. This week I hear that the Canadian supreme court has ruled that obese people are disabled, and airlines have to provide them with two seats for the price of one.... How about, now let's call cigarette addiction a disability and provide the smokers with their own airplane? And incontinence must surely be a disability, so let's set them up with toilets on every aisle? You see how slippery the slope can be.
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The Congressman from Texas on pre-emptive war and America's responsibilities (opening remarks in House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee meeting):
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Part of my method for keeping my boat afloat in this world is keeping a calendar, and I am currently going through September to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. Sometimes, when lacking other paper, I take notes in my calendar. On September 6 I took some notes during Orientation at NCNM on Zwickey's talk. Here's what I thought worth noting.
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"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible" ---Voltaire

This quote brings to mind the waste, pollution and useless "development" that our oil-rich society is bringing to this planet. I am a snowflake. I drive a car. I take a shower every day. I live a life of luxury--compared to the majority of humans on this planet. I enjoy my luxuries. Maybe more than most snowflakes, I think about the farmhouse at the bottom of the hill that we're about to flatten. The cars that we'll knock off the road and over a cliff. The skiers that will be buried alive. But I think I would be happier if I went back to being mindless like snowflakes in the avalanche: I can't stop the rest of the snowflakes so I'm going along. I have no choice.


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