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I'm cleaning out my file cabinet and just reached the naturopathic medicine file.  It is full of philosophy notes from my first couple years of nd school.  I'm going to summarize them here so I can toss the paper.

SIX TENETS as taught by Deborah Frances
1. Primum non nocere - first do no harm (suppression is harmful)
2. Vis Meicatrix naturae - the healing power of nature (elemental)
3. Tolle causum - seek and remove the cause
4. Tolle totum - whole person
5. Docere - doc as teacher
6. Praeventare - prevention

Tonify, balance, bring to the middle
Do not Suppress symptoms, allow them to express, or else you push the illness deeper
Depression = suppressed fire: let it out and you have irritation, anger

Healing occurs in 3 directions
above downward
within-outward (more severe within, less severe the more peripheral)
in reverse order that it happened

vitamin C from a factory as vs from rose hips
complexity of plant medicine: many constituents with the wisdom of a living thing

hormone replacement
stimulate the vis
foundation -- start here and work upward in the heirarchy

The Naturopathic Physician's Oath as written in the 2008 NCNM convocation brochure is long and wordy and I do not like it.  I must prefer and do swear by the Classical Chinese Medicine Oath:

I will promise to follow the way of the great physician.
I will strive to live in harmony wiht nature, and teach my patients to do the same.
I will stay calm and completely committed when treating disease.
I will not give way to personal wishes and desires, but above all else hold and nurture a deep feeling of compassion.
I will be devoted to the task fo saving the sacred spark of life in every creature that still carries it.
I will strive to maintain a clear mind and be willing to hold myself to the highest standards.
It will be my duty to diagnose sufferings to treat disease.
I will not be boastful about my skills and not drive by the greed for material things.

Above all, I will keep an open heart.
As I move on the right path I will receive great happiness as a reward wihtout asking for anything in return.

OH I just dug deep enough into the notes to find some gold.  I'm not going to dissolve this file after all.  Going in archive.
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fascinating factoid per Drs Szabat & Ambrose: scutellaria inhibits expression of IL6, 6/2011

Family: Labiatae (MINT family)
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Jan. 6th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Headaches can be divided into two major categories, known as primary and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are those that occur for no known cause, and are grouped as either migraine, tension, or cluster headaches. They are said to not be caused by an underlying medical condition, and constitute 90% of all headaches. Secondary headaches are because you have a tumor, bleed, infarction, infection, or other brain injury. Some 12% of all Americans suffer from headaches.
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Hep A virus, or "HAV", causes a relatively benign, self-limiting disease.
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1. Know why the enzymes on a hepatic panel are not necessarily good indicators of liver function and what tests are better indicators of liver function?
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Dec. 16th, 2010 10:36 pm
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What are the face, skull and foot changes seen with acromegaly?
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