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I have often said "it's a free will universe" as a basis for extolling choice as a power, whether conscious or unconscious, for determining your experience. To "choice" I always connect the concept of responsibility. Responsibility always follows immediately upon choice. Those who tremble before this power of choice may even habitually refuse to make choices, unwilling to take on the responsibility that choice of necessity implies. This is a choice in itself, a pattern of omission and passivity with it's own distinct effects and power to manipulate. All this having been said, what if in fact it's not "a free will universe" after all? The concept of "predestination" also has a long history in philosophical and religious thought and stands as a counterpoint to "free will" with it's own ardent supporters. When I look at an average day, things happen and I respond. Needs arise and I must act. My breath and heartbeat and peristalsis are events occurring to me, gifts freely given from what great source I cannot truly fathom. I won't pretend to resolve here a millennia-long question. And in the face of it, perhaps, at the very least, we might choose with lighter hearts, and enjoy the uncertainty knowing that our every action is effected upon waves of permission from powers greater than our own.
--Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy
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 It is man's pretense that because he has choice, he is free.
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You can always count on the Americans
to do the right thing -
after they've tried
everything else.

--Winston Churchill, first person to be made honorary US citizen
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"Living a conscious life is extreme sport enough."
--Liz Sutherland, 2008
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Completely Recommend.
is worth overdoing. )
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Most humans exist somewhere on that line between enslavement to destructive habits at one end and total consciousness and nonattachment at the other. In exactly the same way, freedom of choice can be represented as a continuum. Realistically, very few people could ever be found operating at the positive extreme, truly conscious and consistently free.
--Gabor Mate, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, p305.
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People demand freedom of speech
as a compensation for
the freedom of thought
which they seldom use.

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To be able to see into other people's worlds.
To not be able to not see into other people's worlds.
Is this a gift or a curse?
my answer )
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People take different roads
seeking fulfillment and happiness.
Just because they're not on your road,
doesn't mean they've gotten lost.

--Dalai Llama
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I could (yet can't) break out of this prison for drunks
I did not come here of my own accord, and i cannot leave that way
Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.

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Laughter Filled Voices

How terrible to love what can perish
All that you care for, treasure and cherish.
How tormented, lost and sickened you’ll be
For all that is gone, no longer to see.
We clutch to our breast and pray it will last
Future uncertain, too soon it is past.
What value we place on things that we prize
Too often, how much and what is the size?
When all of these things are really a joke
Reality made of mirrors and smoke.
Memories, love, laughter in stitches
Intangible things make up life’s riches.
These will survive never die or expire
Enduring and timeless, sure to inspire.
Everything you touch, clutch or hold on to
Will all pass away, matters not what you do.
Think with your heart when making your choices
Don’t pass up love and laughter filled voices.

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The following poem appeared in The Continental Journal on March 11, 1779. It was entitled “On Predestination.”

If all things succeed as already agreed,
And immutable impulses rule us;
To preach and to pray, is but time thrown away,
And our teachers do nothing but fool us.

If we’re driven by fate, either this way or that,
As the carman whips up his horses,
Then no man can stray --- all go the right way,
As the stars that are fix’d in their courses.

But if by free will, we can go or stand still,
As best suits the present occasion;
Then fill up the glass, and confirm him an ass
[He} That depends upon Predestination.
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Pain and suffering is inevitable, being miserable is optional.
-- Art Canin
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On Mercola's email newsletter today there was a link to a fast-paced 20 minute video of Gilbert. He is a strong looking bald man who strides back and forth across the stage while speaking cogently. He starts out with a little background on the development of the human brain and of the unique capacities we have because of our frontal lobes.

Finally he makes a solid case, citing lots of interesting research, for the idea that we humans "synthesize" happiness quite well in certain situations. It turns out that the more choice we have, and the more freedom we have to change our minds, the less happy we tend to be about our choices. On the other hand, the more we feel there is no turning back from a given choice, the happier we make ourselves with that choice. It appears that we have the ability to completely reprogram our innate preferences to match our reality.

Fascinating vid, I recommend!


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